Wednesday, 19 November 2014

SingEx Customized Christmas Lolly Mix for MAX Atria... by LollyTalk.

LollyTalk being approached by SingEx to come out with an interesting concept of creating Christmas Mix uniquely for MAX Atria to be used as a giveaways during this festive season to spread the joy of Christmas to those around them.

We first determined what to customize and we decided to have MAX Atria to be the focus. We submitted some choices of design for the client....
After showing some artwork and concepts....
... As well as some links for their references...

Client ultimately choose to go for a colourful & vibrant look 
that suits the image of MAX Atria.
And following the agreed design, we proceed to handcraft the 
"MAX Atria Lollies".

SingEx trusted the team at LollyTalk to mix in 
already customized "MAX Atria" lollies.

LollyTalk is well-loved by all people from all walk of life
with a wide range of demographic for our fans 
who purchases our Christmas Lollies...
Check this site for more photos....

We have an witty and interesting concept of having a 
Santa Claus that comes in 2-piece design 
as well as an interesting Snowman that comes in 3-piece design

With a wide choices of readily made Christmas Lollies, 
our team selectively chosen some of the Christmas Lollies that goes well 
with the MAX Atria Lollies in a mix....
based on colour blending as well as having flavours that  compliment each other.
With that, we formed the
"MAX Atria Christmas Lolly Mix"... By LollyTalk.

After the lolly mix being determined during the planning stage,
the next step is to work on the personalized packaging for SingEx. 
SingEx decided to go for a complete sticker label personalized strategy. 
on the top of the bottle for branding purposes...

at the same time, SingEx opted for the bottle's 3 side panels 
(out of the 6 panel a hexagonal bottle has)
partially covered up with sticker labels with greeting messages. 
This gives ample of space to show case the colourful lollies too!

This is formed a powerful marketing tool, 
since once the bottle landed on the desk of the recipients, 
they will be reminded of MAX Atria as long as the lollies are not finished. 
This also a reason MAX Atria selected the 40g lollies in hexagonal glass bottles
instead of the smaller 30g glass jars.

For more ideas on how you can doll up the packaging for your customised lollies, you can check these out...

SingEx is a meetings, incentive, convention and exhibition (MICE) veteran with over 30 years of industry expertise, SingEx is a wholly owned subsidiary of Temasek Holdings - one of the largest investment holding companies in Singapore. SingEx is focused on creating international market platforms through professional conference, exhibition and venue management.

Following a divestment from PSA Corp, SingEx, played a pioneering role in the birth and expansion of World Trade Centre (WTC) in the early 1980s and 1990s, which spurred the growth of the events industry in Singapore. Since 1999, SingEx has been managing WTC's successor, Singapore EXPO Convention and Exhibition Centre, and it's new convention wing, MAX Atria, opened in March 2012. SingEx also has vast experience in creating and managing conferences and exhibitions, having managed Singapore's longest-running consumer IT and electronics exhibition since 2001.

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