Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Movie Night for Raffles Medical Group with Handmade Candy by LollyTalk

LollyTalk customizes lollies (rock candy with messages and greetings) for corporate events as well as staff benefit/rewards giveaways. LollyTalk can further personalized the items with various packagings and sticker labels.

Raffles Medical Group (RMG) is one of the many good example of LollyTalk's corporate clients we assisted to customize candy for their Dinner and Dance with the theme of “Movie Night”. 

Raffles Medical Group chosen to have the lollies customised with “RMG”…..

and mixed together with a large variety of wonderful flavours. 

Special instructions was also given to pack only 2 pieces of the RMG lolly in the mix for the purpose of some games during the night.

LollyTalk helped to create a beautiful mix with a beautiful spectrum of colours and further impressed the guests with newly introduced interesting flavours such as 

Pink Guava


Soda taste such as lemonade and Cherry Coke

and even local taste such as Cempedak (Jack Fruit)! 

We also included a natural Lemongrass flavour which received many good feedbacks!

Due to the requested volume of the project, we also included a wide variety of fruity flavours in specially designed lollies esp for RMG….

We also did a few batches of design found in our readily made lollies… including…
Rainbow Mix which consist of 4 different rainbow design and wonderful flavours…

Our ever green Lime Vanilla (tasted like an ice cream which we are familiar with…

Purple Heart…

And lots more!

After the mix are being created, we have them packed into 130g glass bottle…
And every bottle comes with a beautiful sticker label on the top of the cap…

Packagings can further enhanced with various value-added services such as sticker label printing, tying of ribbon, as well as various wrapping and packing. 

For more ideas on how you can doll up the packaging for your customised lollies, you can check these out...

And thousand over guests at RMG dinner and dance enjoyed the lollies as much as they enjoyed the “Movie Night” theme, successfully organised by the wonderful team of angels who made the right choice of having LollyTalk on board!

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Raffles Medical Group, established in 1976. The group runs a network of clinics, hospitals, surgical centres, speciality units and medical laboratories island wide.
When it comes to getting quality rock candy for doctors and medical professionals, leading medical group and the largest private group practice in Singapore. such as Raffles Medical Group (RMG) only choose the best... RMG chosen LollyTalk! What about you?

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